About Mischa

Artist –  Mischa Fulljames

Mischa´s passion for photography started very early, since the day her grandfather gave her a simple film camera at the age of about 10. She went on to spending hours in the dark room at college in her teenage years and later continued exploring the artistic potential of this medium. She completed a 3 year degree in Fine Art in London, working with photography, film and installation. Over the years Mischa has been awarded various photography prizes and has self published a couple of books.

She has also worked on different projects and commissioned work, including wedding / events photography, shop display photography and personal portraits. Her clients are always looking for something different from the standard shots. Images that capture the viewer and evoke a response, reflecting interesting composition combined with a personal touch given by an artistic and meditative approach.

Mischa´s love of painting shows through the theme and technique in her photography as well as her choice of composition. often playing with depth of field, soft focus, reflection and especially light and shadow. Sometimes people mistaken some of her photos for paintings.

Her constant exploration of the medium has taken her to discover different materials on which to print and present the photography. As well as combination with drawing and painting, creating unique pieces.

Browse through the portfolio of Wood Photos or have a look at other portfolios of photography at photography.mischart.com/portfolio/


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