Cat Boarding Agreement

I understand that a transportation fee of $25 per visit is charged if a BAWCS representative is required to transport my pet for veterinary treatment during boarding. HEALTH I understand that all pets must have an up-to-date vaccination within the last 12 months and at least 2 weeks before boarding. A vaccination card must be presented at check-in. All dogs must have been vaccinated in C5 and F3 or F4 vaccination for cats. For extended stays, all boarding fees must be paid on a 14-day basis. Please complete all sections of this form for your pet file before boarding. PandaTip: Once all the fields and conditions of the Pet Boarding contract have been adapted, it is easy to send the contract to your specific customers. Simply fill in the customer`s information in the template and click Send. PandaTip: In this part of the Pet Boarding Agreement, owners can provide all emergency contact information in case of emergency during tierboarding. GENERAL I recognize that while any precautions will be put in place when boarding in my pet, I agree to compensate BAWCS for any claim in the event of an accident resulting in the illness, injury or death of my pet, damage of any kind or loss of my pet or theft of my pet. PandaTip: This section of the Pet Board Agreement Model allows owners to document any medical conditions the pet may have prior to boarding. For the safety of your pet and other pets, we will not ship animals without fully updated records.

The following shots must have been fired in order for boarding to take place. PandaTip: These terms and conditions in the pet boarding model protect yourself and the pet owner from unforeseen circumstances that may arise when boarding pets. PAYMENT 50% payment required to guarantee booking and balance at check-in. By signing the owner, they accept all the conditions listed in the Pet Boarding contract. Veterinary clinic phone number: city, state, Zip In no case, BAWCS is held responsible for lost, destroyed or abandoned items such as toys, sheets, necklaces, etc. There is no refund or credit for early holiday returns. All board prices are calculated on the basis of the calendar day and the total booking period is calculated. Pets must be dropped off and recovered within the hours of service announced by Bendigo Animal Welfare – Community Services. The following persons are allowed for the collection of pets by the owner.

Pets must arrive without worms, fleas and contagious diseases. When worms and/or fleas are detected, the treatment is administered and the fees charged to the owner. I agree to advise BAWCS immediately if my contact information changes. BAWCS has the right to refuse an animal`s permission. Cancellations made less than 14 days before booking are cancelled by the down payment. I agree that I am solely responsible for all the actions or behaviors of the pet while it is in BAWCS care. In case I cannot be contacted, I agree that BAWCS can make the decision to take the emergency medical care of my pet without consulting me, and I understand that all veterinary costs will be my responsibility. All medicines must be accompanied in the original packaging with veterinary dosing instructions. I recognize that BAWCS will take all measures to inform me immediately if veterinary treatment is required or if my pet is lost or stolen.

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