General Provisions For Nsa Grants And Cooperative Agreements

The terms and conditions of a DoD component must be defined in accordance with . 1134.505 of this part either reserve Article V of this section or provide the necessary information for each applicable report. 2. Does not set direct requirements for the recipient of a DoD component, but does so indirectly by respecting the DoD component of that sub-chapter when setting its terms and conditions. Terms of sale are the rights and obligations of the beneficiary and the federal government under the price. 8. To ensure in 2 CFR 1134.210 (b) (3) (iii): that The progress of DoD Components in these limited cases where predetermined advances are used, and to comply with the OMB guidelines on the frequency of financial reporting in 2 CFR 200.327, we have changed our language to indicate that DoD components must require quarterly financial reporting when using such advances in their terms and conditions of sale. Article 1 of the PROP defines the conditions and conditions under which the ownership of bulletproof vests applies as part of the price. It thus implements the OMB guidelines on grants and cooperation agreements: ii. They must include the provisions of Item B.6 of Article II of the SGF concerning custodians in each sub-price authorizing the subcontractor to request advances. Unless a DoD component participates fully in Article VI of the SGF, it reserves one or more paragraphs in the paragraphs of the article or contains additional or alternative text, as permitted in Articles 1128.610 to 1128.635, the Terms and Conditions of a DoD component must use the following wording for Article VI of the SGF.

Sub-Article XII sets out policies and procedures for the use of fixed-amount partial premiums in doD grants and cooperation agreements. It thus implements the OMB guidelines in guidelines 2 CFR 200.201 (b) and 200.332 and other parts of 2 CFR Part 200, as they apply to fixed-quantity sub-increases. 1. If you do not pay the amount due within 30 calendar days of the financial officer`s decision and you do not announce your intention to appeal the grant officer`s decision, the delegate will send you a letter of request identifying a payment agency responsible for any other collection activity. a) OMB instructions. The OMB guidelines of 2 CFR 200.314 contain requirements for the use and sale of supplies acquired under a grant or cooperation agreement. A. Real estate and equipment. You must obtain prior authorization from the agent before authorizing a for-profit sub-recipient to acquire or upgrade real estate or equipment as part of the premium. 3. If the subrecipient is a for-profit enterprise, the provisions of 32 CFR 34.22 (a) and 34.23 apply and: 2.

The decision of the grant officer is final, unless you decide to bring an appeal, and in this case we recommend the use of REL procedures in accordance with Section C of this article. (ii) In accordance with cost principles, premiums for real estate and equipment should generally be charged, rather than allowing the property to be donated by a beneficiary or sub-recipient (i.e., accounting for the full value of the property based on cost sharing or adjustment).

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