How Do You Accept Wii Network Services Agreement

You can use a Nintendo device without providing us with your data; However, some features and applications may not be available to you. You can disable the collection of certain information by not using our services. You can also disable certain types of data collection through your nintendo settings, parental security or other opt-out mechanisms that we make available to you. Some aggregated technical information about your Nintendo device can continue to be recorded automatically when you or any other user of your device connects to the Internet. You can disable the receipt of Nintendo`s commercial e-mail messages by following the instructions of those e-mails. Cookies: Some Nintendo DSi online apps may use cookies that are small text files that a website drops on your Nintendo DSi. These files identify your Nintendo DSi and record your visit data, so that when you return to a site, the site recognizes your Nintendo DSi and can customize your visit. Cookies can be associated with your transaction history, online gaming or other information. We can use the information collected by cookies, as well as other tools, such as log files and web tags, to figure out how to improve Nintendo`s DSi apps by looking at the most popular domains, features and products; Personalization of Nintendo DSi services and recommendations based on downloaded products; and the conclusion of the transactions you have requested. In the event that this contract is terminated or terminated, the following sections remain in effect: unauthorized software, services or equipment or unauthorized accessories; Credit card fees and your billing account Intellectual property; Accommodation, interception, emulation and reverse engineering are prohibited; Submissions Guarantees Limitation of claims; Limited liability and compensation The expiry and termination of the contract Applicable law, jurisdiction and interpretation of the agreement.

You may use the software, content and data contained with your Wii U or compatible with your Wii U, including updates or replacements of such software, content or data that we or our authorized vendors provide to you (together the Software) subject to the terms of this section. The software will only be allowed for your personal and non-commercial use on your Wii U and will not be sold. You cannot publish, copy, edit, redevelop, rent, decompilate or break down parts of the software, modify, defeat, manipulate or bypass parts of the software, or any function or protection of your Wii U, unless the law otherwise allows it.

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