Nutanix End User License Agreement (Eula) And Terms Of Use

Licensing models tailored to your needs – by VM, by 2 sockets, by to or by subscription to the “pay as you grow” model. A license for many hypervisors! 1.1. Licensing. Subject to your compliance with this Agreement and the licenses granted to it, we license cloud Services for evaluation purposes (“assessment software”) or, if applicable, for software specifically identified as alpha, beta, preversion, demonstration or preview software (only in the form of object code) or free software (“No-Software”) and its documentation for your internal activities in ability or other license management systems. Fast access services and software are probably in development and may never be published in general. End User Support: Once Nutanix support staff have found that a spare part is required, a spare part is delivered. The end user receives a shipping number that also acts as an RMA number. Nutanix is responsible for all transportation costs for returned covered products or components, provided the customer uses Nutanix as a carrier. A case will be closed if you confirm that a solution has been found, or if we do not hear within two weeks of a request for information from you, and at least two attempts have been made to contact you during this period. A case can be concluded without a definitive solution, with the agreement and approval of you. Non-compliance: Parts that Nutanix or its designated repair partner have not received within 15 business days of shipping will be billed to the party concerned (either to the end user or to the VAR) at Nutanix`s current list price. All communication between the third-party system is via the RESTful API, made available by vProtect Server. The tasks are performed by the node behind the scenes.

The end user will only use a third-party system to call and monitor the status of tasks. The software refers to any Nutanix software that is licensed for commercial purposes for customers. A case degenerates if your problem-solving expectations do not conform to the outlined action plan and timeliness following the normal resolution process. You can degenerate a support case at any time by contacting your SRE or contacting the Head of Support for your area. The manager who takes charge of the climbing then creates a task force composed of the necessary resources in the fields of technical services, engineering, AQ and product management, and formulates an action plan to tackle the problem. This action plan is then shared with you, the review points plan and the milestones set have been defined, and agreement has been sought on the criteria for closing the escalation.

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