Rental Agreement Poland

Let`s start with the fact that leases are more civil law agreements than state agreements, so what is in them will determine how well they work and how they end. Therefore, it is very important that you know before signing what is written in the Treaty, which is not.. and what should be. Termination clauses in a lease and legal status Due to dynamic market developments, the demand for housing dedicated to key staff of international groups is increasing. Landlords are also increasingly interested in entering into leases with foreigners. What should you pay special attention to when part of a lease is an individual, not directly […] In the case of an occasional (temporary) lease, the lessor is protected by an enforcement clause, even if, in my practice, it is not always an ideal solution, as it is difficult to identify a unit for a foreigner where he or she could live if he or she is deported. What is certainly necessary in the case of an ordinary agreement is a written form. Today, bilingual versions of chords are common in Polish and English. You should keep in mind, however, that an agreement must contain relevant clauses that would apply the Polish version. The agreement should also determine the purpose of the unit`s rental. Another important element is the explicit indication that the agreement is governed by Polish law and is subject to the jurisdiction of the Polish courts.

In this way, you can avoid possible cross-border disputes when a foreigner leaves Poland and, for example, you are left with unpaid debts under the lease. The question of law and jurisdiction needs to be clarified, because the legal process is very difficult. Even if you manage to carry out the proceedings before the Polish court, the execution will take place at the debtor`s actual residence or at the place where his property is located. In addition, a security deposit is usually recovered by foreigners, at one or two months` rental, although the Law on the Protection of Tenants gives you the possibility to pay even 12 months of rent in the form of a deposit, and for the occasional lease of 6 months` rent.

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