Tis Agreement

2.TIS may provide or entrust to third parties, in writing or electronically, personal data on the group`s directors and employees, if necessary to achieve the purpose of use. In this case, TIS enters into a confidentiality agreement on the processing of personal data with the third party. 3.La transmission of personal data within the TIS INTEC Group TIS may transmit personal data about group executives and employees to companies in the group if necessary to achieve the utilization objective. For more information, please consult the TIS INTEC-Group.In this case, TIS will enter into a confidentiality agreement on the handling of personal data with parties with whom personal data is shared. A guarantee is a written agreement by which one party, the guarantee, undertakes to answer for the failure of a third party, the client, another party, the obligated. contractual agreements, the corresponding specifications, the specific conditions applicable to the services, the respective price list of the specific conditions of these conditions and the relevant general conditions of these Terms and Conditions. Extraordinary termination of user fees If the customer seriously violates the licensee`s rights of use or agreed rights, TIS may exceptionally terminate the rights to use the software. In the event of termination, the Customer is required to remove the original software affected by the termination, including documentation and all copies, and return it to TIS. At THE request of TIS, the Customer makes a cancellation declaration. The customer has the right to keep a copy of the software for testing and archiving purposes if an agreement has been reached. The other legal provisions are not affected. 18. Violation of intellectual property rights 18.1. When a third party asserts rights to the infringement of intellectual property rights through the use of the delivered products and it affects or prohibits their use, TIS is liable as follows: 18.1.1. TIS will modify or replace products at its sole discretion and at its expense in order to violate intellectual property rights, but, in fact, appropriately tailor the functionality and performance agreed to the customer or deduct customer royalties from the patent holder or a third party. If the TIS does not do so under reasonable conditions, the TIS must withdraw the products for the reduced compensation of an amount that takes into account the date of use with the refund. In this case, the customer is required to return the products. 18.1.2.

TIS` liability is subject to the Client`s immediate notification to TIS of third-party claims, non-recognition of the alleged breach and either as a result of all litigation, including out-of-court transactions, or to TIS only in accordance with TIS. The legal and trial costs demanded by the client, incurred by the legal defence, are borne by the TIS. 18.1.3. If the client stops using mitigation grounds or other valid reasons, he is required to emphasize, third, that the recognition of the offence is not related to the discontinuation of use. 18.1.4. Unless the customer is himself responsible for the alleged violation, any claim against TIS is excluded. 18.1.5. Customer claims for infringement of third-party property rights are excluded. 18.2.

Restrictions do not apply where damage is affected by loss of life, body or health or claims under the Product responsibility or warranty act. Responsibility for breach of duty, which is initially undertaken by the correct performance of the contract and which the client can generally be trusted, is not affected. The same applies to offences committed against TIS officers. 18.3. Limitations and disclaimers do not apply when the damage is covered by TIS` liability insurance and the insurer pays.

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