Tufts Health Plan Health Services Agreement

Tufts Health Plan was founded in 1979 by Morton Madoff., M.D., Dean of Tufts University School of Medicine, and is recognized nationally for its commitment to innovative and quality health care. The plan provides members and employers with a number of health management programs that support evidence-based approaches during health and wellness years. Certified Auditors Certified examiners verify and approve certain services and supplies to members. This is the chief medical officer (or equivalent) of the Tufts Health Plan or someone he or she calls. Based on criteria that measure key areas of wellness and health promotion, Tufts Health Plan has also become the first health plan in the Northeast – and one of 20 organizations in the United States – that were accredited by the NCQA in 2013. [9] Morton Madoff, M.D., of Tufts University Medical School, founded tufts Associated Health Maintenance Organization, Inc. in 1979. The organization began bidding plans in 1981 and ended its first year with 3,000 members. About the tufts health plan tufts health plan is a non-profit health plan recognized nationally for its commitment to providing innovative and quality health care: its HOV and POS are the third largest in the nation, and its Medicare Advantage program is ranked fourth in the nation by the National Insurance Quality Committee.

For more information, see www.tufts-health.com. Network contracting area The geographic area in which Tufts Health Plan has developed or established a network of providers to allow members to access covered services appropriately. Our best Medicare learning and helpful health tips in your inbox every week. A group subject to the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), as amended, is the sponsor of the plan under the ERISA. The group is your agent, not Tuft`s health plan agent. Primary Care Physician (PCP) – (Granite Premier Choice EPO) The Preferred Network or Tufts Health Plan Hospital, the general practitioner, family physician, medical assistant, registered nurse in advanced practice, internist, pediatrician or obstetrician/gynecologist who provides primary care services and you have chosen from the directory of health care providers. This PCP has reached an agreement with us on the provision of primary services and the coordination, organisation and authorisation of the provision of covered services. As of May 2019, non-profit health insurance had more than one million members.

The Tufts Health Plan network includes 110 hospitals and more than 51,000 health care providers. The health plan offers products for employers, people who are at Medicare, Medicaid, Massachusetts Health Insurance Exchange, and people licensed for Medicare and Medicaid. Tufts Health Plan is the only insurer in Massachusetts that covers everyone regardless of age or income. Tufts Health Plan is a Massachusetts-based health insurance fund under tufts Associated Health Plans, Inc., based in Watertown, Massachusetts. [1] The deductible you pay for certain covered services is under the health plan tufts 2 – (Granite Premier Choice EPO) A provider that is a network provider but is not a preferred provider.

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